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Meet Our Founder

After years of soul-searching and continuous self-development, Armishia Wiley-Adams was motivated to transform her tribulation into triumph. In 2018 she founded her non-profit organization, Help United Through Caring Hands, Inc. (H.U.T.C.H), to teach women of all ages how to become self-sufficient and workforce ready.

Armishia was raised by her grandmother and uncle, after her mother passed when she was only eight years old.  Armishia had her first child at 16, as a result she did not graduate from high school. Although she had two more children, her second at the age of 19, and her third by the age of 21, she was determined to finish her education and worked to receive her GED. Armishia had to raise her children on public assistance and live in government subsidized housing. Realizing she wanted better for herself and her children, she decided to take advantage of an opportunity given to her to pursue a college degree. Most expected that she would not complete the program and become just another statistic. Again, she was determined to finish what she had started and get her degree. Not only did she earn her bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management w/specialization in Human Resource Management, she also earned her Master’s in Organizational Management w/specialization Organizational Leadership.

Armishia’s decisions to get her GED and earn two college degrees changed the trajectory of her life. She was able to move out of government housing, get off public assistance, and enter the workforce as a professional. She has raised her children in three of the homes she purchased over the years. She has worked for the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) since 2002. One of her most rewarding and enriching experiences at DHS was working to help citizens from her community to find employment with the Welfare to Work Program. 

Armishia feels that if she was able to overcome life’s adversities, other women can find the strength and determination to do so also. She has a passion for helping others, especially women that are currently facing the similar challenges she has faced. She was extended a hand and given a chance to create the life she knew she wanted to live. Help United Through Caring Hands (H.U.T.C.H) is her way of giving a hand to those that need it most.  Her organization gives Armishia a chance to pay it forward and positively impact families that will be touched through the women that participate in her program.

Armishia’s testimony is proof that our past does not define us, but rather prepares us for opportunities to succeed beyond measure.

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