Seeking volunteer Board Members for Help United Through Caring Hands (H.U.T.C.H.)



• Help United Through Caring Hands was founded in May 2018 to help women become self-sufficient in the Metro Atlanta areas. (Fulton & Clayton County)

• Our mission is to transform lives from poverty and unemployment to self-sufficiency and sustainable careers

• Our vision is creating futures by bringing people and jobs together


  • Passionate about Help United Through Caring Hands (H.U.T.C.H.) mission

  • Able to assist with 2-3 fundraisers or grants a year

  • Able to make Help United Through Caring Hands (H.U.T.C.H.) a philanthropic priority for your own giving

  • Able to make a commitment to Help United Through Caring Hands (H.U.T.C.H.) by attending Board Meetings when required

  • The Primary role of the Board is to raise funds for the operating budget of the organization and to leverage network and contacts to further the organization's mission. However, the board also ensures that the organization is fiscally responsible and accountable, and that the leadership is well trained/advised on major decisions.

  • We are specifically looking for leaders who represent POSITIVITY, LEADERSHIP and DIVERSITY in the following industries: Marketing/Branding, Human Resources, Organizational Management, Workforce Development, Career Readiness, Professional Development, Finance (CPA or Banking), Education/Government, Event Planning/Fundraising (Committee Chair) and Corporate Development

  • *This position is a volunteer Board Member position. The average Board term is 1-2 years. The Board meetings are quarterly unless we need an emergency meeting.