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Career Readiness Demands

What Does Career Readiness Demands?

To determine your career readiness, there are certain things to keep in mind. As a rule, the following are some requirements in any career-ready woman.

Critical Thinker –You will need to exercise sound judgment and reasoning. There are decisions that will need to be made, most of them on the spur. Therefore, it is important you have excellent analytical skills and be able to interpret situations as and when they develop.

Oral and Written Communication –You may need to polish your communication skills. It applies to everyone occasionally, you may be called upon to write a letter, memo, give a briefing etc.

Teamwork –Learn to collaborate with people of diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, religions, races and ideologies. Teamwork does not only ensure work flows efficiently but it also enhances tolerance.

Understand Digital Technology -The digital technology is a buzz and you need to leverage it to the effectiveness of a company. You will use it to solve problems, target new markets, correspond with your clients and do many more.

Professionalism –You will need to comport yourself with the dignity and professionalism that befits your role. Be punctual and take accountability for your inefficiencies. Work on time management and ensure in so far as possible, you are always a positive agent of the company you represent.

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